Kaspersky Anti-Virus protects Grupa Remontowa SA

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The Challenge:

Grupa Remontowa SA previously used antivirus programs from a variety of vendors (e.g., different versions of McAfee and Symantec, and MKS, a Polish antivirus product) to protect its computers. Because the network relied on several different antivirus software products, system administrators could not effectively manage the antivirus protection. Different detection rates on individual sub-networks caused difficulties in combating malware incidents and required additional work for the administrators.

Grupa Remontowa SA has over 1200 workstations running under various operation systems on its network.

The Solution:

The company’s choice to use Kaspersky Lab solutions was influenced by factors such as the highest frequency of antivirus database updates, the efficiency and quality of its products, the very high detection rate, the solid reputation of Kaspersky Lab on the market, and the excellent technical support provided by Kaspersky Lab Poland.

Grupa remontowa

Implementation was carried out by Marken Systemy Antywirusowe (Kaspersky Lab Poland’s Authorized Partner), IT-REM (the local company supporting Gdansk Shipyard), experts from Kaspersky Lab Poland, and employees from the IT department from Grupa Remontowa SA. The more than 1200 workstations on the company’s network run under a variety of operation systems: Windows Me, Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP Home & Professional, Windows Server, and, even, Windows 98. Experts from Kaspersky Lab Poland also installed Kaspersky Administration Kit allowing the company to manage the antivirus protection on all workstations on the network. When Kaspersky Administration Kit could not remove previously installed antivirus programs, Kaspersky Lab Poland experts created special Windows logon scripts.

When Kaspersky Administration Kit could not remove previously installed antivirus programs, Kaspersky Lab Poland experts created special Windows logon scripts.


The implementation process took just a single working day. On the second day, professionals from Kaspersky Lab Poland conducted a thorough training session for IT staff covering issues associated with the maintenance and management of the antivirus solution using Kaspersky Administration Kit.


The Kaspersky Lab solution made the work of Grupa Remontowa SA’s IT staff significantly easier. Now, all corporate workstations are ensured a unified protection system of the highest quality. Administration is central and includes the entire network. Due to a significantly higher detection rate, the company has not been affected by a single malware incident since implementation.

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About Remontowa Grupa

Grupa Remontowa SA is a capital group concentrated around Gdansk Shipyard “Remontowa” SA. Remontowa SA, a leader among European ship repair yards and a major player on the world market, specializes in ship repairs and conversions, the design and construction of new ships, offshore units and steel structures. Every year, more than 200 vessels and offshore units from all over the world are repaired or converted at Remontowa. The Group’s slipways and docks allow for the construction of ferries, container carriers, training and research ships, offshore units, floating docks and steel structures. The company, along with several affiliated companies and subsidiaries, members of Remontowa Group, offers a comprehensive range of ship repair and shipbuilding related services and marine equipment supplies. The shipyard was established in 1952, following privatization in 2001, Remontowa SA celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2002. More information can be found at https://www.remontowa.com.pl